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  • Benefits Of UK Mistresses Sex, According To Studies

    Having uk mistresses sex allows us to lose calories and exercise. These are some of the benefits of sex that we all know.

    But there are many more, according to science, that you should know and surely you increase the frequency of the times you have sex.

    Out pains

    According to a study from the State University , orgasm can block pain, by releasing a hormone that helps all this, especially back pain, menstrual, arthritis and headache.

    It relaxes us

    After having uk mistresses sex, we rest in a better way because it relaxes us and gives us that well-being that we all crave. This is because the hormone prolactin is released, which is directly responsible for drowsiness and relaxation.

    It makes us much younger

    A study by Dr David Weeks, a clinical psychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, showed that people who have an active sex life appear 5 to 7 years younger. And he established that it is not the quantity of sex but the quality.

    It improves the cold

    Another benefit of uk mistresses sex is that it can improve the flu and cold. This is because if we maintain our sexual relations very healthy we increase in up to 30% the levels of an antibody that serves as a protector against cold and flu.

    Protect the heart

    Depending on how you look at it, because this must be regulated by the doctor. A study in the journal Epidemiology and Community Health concluded that having sex improves cardiovascular capacity and halves the risk of a heart attack.

    Boost your immune system

    As we've seen previously, having regular sex helps fight disease. A study from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, United States, revealed that once analyzed, people who had sex at least once a week protected the immune system and therefore improved certain common diseases.

    Strengthens bones

    A group of scientists from the United States found that women who had menopause and who had sex every week had twice as much estrogen as those who did not.

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    Sex uk mistresses from certain ages is still perceived by many people as a kind of taboo. According to a study , in Spain only 62.3% of men aged 65 and over and only 37.4% of women in the same age group are sexually active. What reasons lead so many people to stop having sex? The main ones are:...
    Having sexual uk mistresses intercourse is one of the most pleasant activities that we human beings can carry out , but also, with this, important benefits are obtained for the body and mind , as several studies have shown. Sexually active people get sick much less , reduce the risk of diseases...
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